Sunday, 27 October 2013

Na Tuk Kong

Na Tuk Kong comes from the mayor and Kong . The two words mean the same thing . Datuk Kong is the spirit and the spirits of the dead are worshiped by Chinese people . Just Interestingly , these are the spirits of the Malay Muslims. They once believed this is the individuals good as the mystic , martial arts teacher , the pious and community leaders. Chinese people have all kinds of worship of God. When they arrived in Malaya , they believed that the region is also a powerful spirits of the guard , which was once a human. So arose the belief Na Tuk Kong. Datuk Kong trusted authorities to provide security and harmony of a place , such as residential areas , particularly the newly opened forest . When a newly opened forest areas for development , the Chinese people who first settled in that area will worship the Na Tuk Kong in the area. Often we see on the streets there is a small Chinese temple , there is always Na Tuk Kong in the area. In the temples no matter big or small will always have statues Na Tuk Kong.Other capabilities include providing gaming and drove evil spirits. How to pray to Datuk Kong is equal to how Chinese people to worship other gods . It involves grasping hands , bowing , prostration , and burning joss sticks and spirit money . Among the materials that need to be presented to Datuk Kong is fruit such as pineapple and banana . Pineapple is known as ong - lai in Hokkien and symbolize prosperity and banana tarry gold . Yellow mongoose symbolizes wealth and togetherness and used well. Additionally, other materials used include cigarette leaf , betel nut , betel leaf together lime . According to a study Wendy Choo Li Yun (2007 ) for Na Tuk Kong belief among the Chinese in Malacca , emphasizing community there Thursday and Friday as an important day for worshiping Na Tuk Kong and several temples in Malaysia will celebrate the Islamic festival day Raya Aidilfitri and Hari Raya Haji .Pigs can not be presented to the Na Tuk Kong because their Islamic . For some Na Tuk Kong Chinese who want to pray can not eat pork that day. Anyone who is in default shall be punished by these spirits . Na Tuk Kong List Their number is very public, barring the unlikely elsewhere Na Tuk Kong there. Some of them have names like Datuk Haji Wahid Malays , Datuk Ali , Datuk Haji Jawi Shamsuddin and others. But most have color names such as Datuk Chief of Red, White , Green, Yellow and Black . According to Cheu Hock Tong (1992 ) , each color represents a different function of mayor . Green symbolizes the power switch on the eastern sacred dna flora fauna. Red is the sacred southern flood control, fire and fertility. White is a powerful western controlling pain and misfortune . Black was a powerful northern saint of water , floods and death . Finally , kining is hallowed middle which controls everything . However, according to Wendy Choo , this does not mean the mayor of each color is limited to the power of the color That's right, they have a lot of power and they have various functions such as being God's wealth, health God , the Lord of the land and also be able to repel the demons. Appearances Na tuk Kong Interestingly, Na Tuk Kong statue will wear Malay clothing, such as headgear and headdress, sarong and also holding a keris. Sometimes, they will also be engraved with the symbol of Islam such as the crescent and star. Several temples Na Tuk Kong will have a roof liked Malay house. Is Na Tuk Kong once worshiped by other gods? Yes, but if the Chinese temple, the statues of Na Tuk Kong will be placed separately with other statues as Muslimdom these spirits.

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